InAdPros $5 BONUS - RevShare 152% Si guadagna partendo FREE

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InAdPros $5 BONUS - RevShare 152% Si guadagna partendo FREE

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What is
Our revenue share program is designed to pay anyone purchasing banner and text impressions from Our long-term/sustainable project plan will make your success. Join us and consider it as the best decision you will ever make.

Is it free?
Yes, Joining us is absolutely free and open worldwide. After sign up we will give you a bonus of $5 plus 5,000 banner ad credits and 5,000 text ad credits.

How do I join your program?
It's quite simple. Click on Register button and fill in the registration form and then press submit.

Is the $5 bonus withdrawable?
The bonus is not withdrawable initially, however on your first login you will be asked to put your $5 bonus into repurchase balance of the payment processor of your choice. Then you will be able to purchase an ad pack using this $5 bonus and withdraw the whole profit - which is about $7.6 - at the end of the cycle.

Will there by any referral commissions for the $5 bonus?
No, if your downline purchases anything using the $5 bonus, you would not get any RC for that as this is vital for website's stability.

Why should I trust InAdPros?
Intelligent Advertisement Professionals ltd (InAdPros) is a registered company with the registration number of 09239636. You can check the registration information on the official website of Companies House WebCheck
You do not need to invest and as you know we give you $5 bonus after sign up which you can use to kick off.
You can take advantage of your referral commission and withdraw it even without investing a cent.
We have got our own forum on MMG in which we publicly support our users.
Our company has got a lot of experience in this type business.
What is the cost of an Ad pack?
Each ad share costs $5.00. 2,500 Ad credits (2,500 banner ad credits + 2,500 text ad credits) are included.

Is my personal information protected with your company?[/size]
All personal information that you provide is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

[color=#FF8000]How can I purchase Ad Shares?

To purchase Ad shares you must first become a member of . Once you have registered an account with us, you must login to your member area using your account details then purchase your desired ad shares. Once you log into your account, all you have to do is click on buy Ad shares and follow the simple instruction. You will need to select the payment processor you are paying from or you can purchase from your account balance as many times and you so wish.

Do I get my principal after the ad pack expires?
No, your principal is included in the hourly between 0.0704% - 0.1262% profit.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
$3 Minimum withdrawal for all payment processors.

What are your withdrawal fees?
Depending on which payment processor you want to cashout, the fee is between 3 to 4%. This fee can change in future.

What are your deposit fees?
$0 + 0%

Can I earn without investing money?
Yes, as mentioned you can use your $5 bonus to make money, also you can attract new investors and earn referral commission by their purchases.

How much is your referral commissions?
Depending on the plan you are in, it can be between 7 to 12 percent.

- Solid Trust Pay
- Payza
- PerfectMoney
- Egopay


7500 Banner Ads GRATIS (5000 all'iscrizione + 2500 al momento dell'acquisto del primo pack)
7500 Text Ads GRATIS (5000 all'iscrizione + 2500 al momento dell'acquisto del primo pack)
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InAdPros $5 BONUS - RevShare 152% Si guadagna partendo FREE



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Re: InAdPros $5 BONUS - RevShare 152% Si guadagna partendo FREE

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Sito non più raggiungibile .. SCAM!!

Torna a “Revshare scam”

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