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ExtantBux - Bux in stile PaidVerts

Messaggioda Kewin » 03/12/2014, 11:50


Non è necessario investire di tasca propria, infatti la ptc regala 80 EBC (Bonus Coin) al giorno
1 EBC = $0,0005
Dai ref si guadagna il 5%
Payout a $5

Main features are:
(*) Buy Ad Pack and get 150% profit ASAP in form of Cash Ads.
(*) Start ad compaign only from $1 + and get $1.50 / compaign.
(*) Earn a huge money from your direct and rented referrals.
(*) @5% commission from your direct referrals for each click on ads,
(*) High rented average and real rented referral system.
(*) Instant Payment System for all the members.
(*) Low value of advertising and high traffic thats increase your site traffic and sales easily.
(*) High value of ads, ads value set automatically set on daily basis depends on your Extant Bonus Coins (EBC).
(*) Low upgrade package thats increase your earning.
(*) No need to recycle the ads.
(*) No need to buy vocation mode.
(*) No need to buy upgrade for getting high value ads
(*) No need to buy upgrade for high value bonus ads.
(*) No need to click on activation ads daily for starting work.
(*) You receive 80 EBC daily.

We have merged all the features that works automatically.
(*) Your click value depends on your EBC(Extant Bonus Coins), more coins then you get more high value ads daily.

Payment System:
Payza, Perfect Money, Egopay, Payeer are working now.
Pending Payment System:
Webmoney, Bitcoin, Skrill, Solid Trust Pay added soon after verification process.

What ad pack deliver?
Every $1.00 ad pack deliver 3,000 Extant Bonus Coins (EBC) that's convert into cash ads ASAP.
One Ad Pack delivers
- Extant Bonus Coins (EBC) = 3,000
- Websie Credits = 200 (Unique user visits for 30 Sec).
- Banner Ads = 1000 (Ads impressions).

How we get cash ads?
Cash ads are delivered daily into your account at 00.00 Server Time. You have 24 Hours to click on these ads.

High value Bonus ads
All the members receive high value bonus ads every day which depends on your Extant Bonus Coins(EBC).
More EBC, more high value ads.
What is Value of Extant Bonus Coins (EBC)?
1 Extant Bonus Coin (EBC) = $0.0005
3,000 Extant Bonus Coin (EBC) = $0.0005 X 3000 = $1.50


ExtantBux - Bux in stile PaidVerts



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Re: ExtantBux - Bux in stile PaidVerts

Messaggioda iig2641 » 03/12/2014, 12:04

Interessante anche questa, ma per ora lascio stare, mi concentro su quelle a cui sono già iscritto
In bocca al lupo!

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Re: ExtantBux - Bux in stile PaidVerts

Messaggioda darile » 11/10/2016, 23:02

Sito non più raggiungibile .. scam

Torna a “Hyip scam”

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